Credible death threats have sent thousands fleeing the country even after acquittal of charges. Refugees face an uncertain future as they apply to the United Nations Commission for Refugees for official refugee status that also leads to resettlement in countries such as the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and the United States. The Christian diaspora often starts in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka with short term visas. Refugees may stay while their application is processed but if refugee status is rejected, a frequent occurrence, they become illegal immigrants subject to arrest and deportation back to Pakistan. There may be six thousand people currently stuck in this situation. Thai police recently rounded up and jailed four hundred Pakistanis. “Save the Persecuted” assists in filing the forms and preparing for interviews with the United Nations Human Rights Committee to establish refugee status and to begin the relocation process. So far we have helped twenty-five families, about one hundred forty individuals, resettle.

Material Support for the Persecuted
An accused is generally imprisoned with a high bail. This is devastating economically and socially for the families. The prisoner is in danger of being killed by fellow inmates and relies on food from family members to survive. Family members often cannot find work or attend school. The family, often with three to five children, is left destitute while cases drag on in court. “Save the Persecuted” provides financial assistance to refugees and their families either by direct support or by connecting with other organizations which specialize in this type of support.