Website Now Active

         Our website, www.SaveThePersecuted.org , is up and running. We can receive e-mails at info@SaveThePersecuted.org , and can accept secure one-time or periodic donations from credit cards, debit cards, or bank deductions. Donors will receive an automatic thank you letter and a tax deductible receipt. We will receive contact information and donations will be tracked. Thanks to Mark and Deanna for their hard work completing this task!

Two hundred Refugees of Religious Persecution Resettled

         Blasphemy Laws refer to laws that prohibit derogatory comments about religion. In Muslim countries the laws refer to defiling the Quran or derogatory comments against Muhammad. There are over forty countries with Blasphemy Laws but the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has the harshest sentences and represents the majority of global accusations under these laws. The harshest laws carry a death penalty or life in prison and charges are often false with the accuser looking for financial gain or revenge.

         Accusations often result in death threats, assassination and mob violence by extremist Muslims. The accused are tracked no matter where they go in Pakistan by extremist networks. The accused are forced to flee, often within a few hours. They go to nearby countries that are not really welcoming but provide temporary refuge. Application for UN asylum status provides a short term reprieve from deportation but refugees can’t work to support themselves and have limited help for food, shelter and medical care. Refugees face periodic arrest sweeps and jail time.

         Key assets of “Save the Persecuted”, Parvez and Neelam, went through the refugee process themselves. They use their experience and legal expertise to consult by “Skype” with Pakistani Christian refugee families in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Malaysia to obtain United Nations asylum status. They then facilitate relocation to welcoming countries such as Denmark, Australia, Canada and the United States. Over 200 people have been helped in the last year with only a part time effort as Parvez and Neelam have day jobs to support themselves.

         Many families have endured three to five years of delays and sometimes rejection from the UN. Help from “Save the Persecuted” often gets them approved on appeal. Refugees coming to the United States are vetted by Homeland Security but it is important to understand the people we are helping are known through personal relationships from the Christian community in Pakistan and are known to have no terrorist connections. 


Spotlight on Persecution

Here is a story about how one family became refugees. As always, only first names are used for security:

         Jamila was a Christian evangelist in Pakistan. She translated religious books from English to her native Urdu and distributed them door to door, which is not illegal. Islamic radicals demanded she stop her evangelism and to convert to Islam. When she refused, numerous death threats were made against her family. Her home was stoned and set afire. Fanatics had her son expelled from school then tried to kidnap and kill him leaving him for dead. In 2010, Jamila and her son were struck from behind by a truck on their way home from church leaving Jamila bedridden for sixty-five days and with permanent back injuries. They moved from town to town but each time the strong network of Muslim extremists tracked them down and the persecution began again. The police and local courts turned a blind eye condoning the persecution. Finally they fled to Sri Lanka on a tourist visa in 2013. They have been approved for re-settlement to the United States and are expected to arrive this September!

Donations Needed

         Our caseload of refugees needing help continues to grow. There are an estimated 6,000 to 12,000 refugees in Thailand alone. We have made new contacts in Pakistan. We have also opened channels of communication in Iran, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. We can no longer meet the needs of persecuted religious minorities with part time help. We need increased commitments of at least $5000/month just to help refugees gain asylum. We also need emergency funds to help the accused meet legal costs, food and shelter to keep people in their home countries. Please consider making a small, regular monthly donation. Just 200 people giving $25 a month would meet our staffing goal.