June Devotion


Our devotion for the month of May came from Matthew’s Gospel as Jesus tells us that we are to be “salt.” In that same passage, Jesus also tells us we are “the light of the world.” Last month we learned some properties of salt that point to how we need to conduct ourselves as followers of Christ: namely to flavor our environment, preserve in our hearts The Word of God, to make others thirsty for The Water that quenches thirst for all time, and as a substance that helps us retain that Water. Likewise, in Matthew 5:14-15, we hear Jesus going on to say “we are the light of the world.” So here again, we need to examine some properties of light to have a clearer picture of what Jesus desires to see in us.

1. Light exposes that which is hidden. Thoughts and beliefs which linger in the shadows of our hearts and minds are seen for what they are when exposed by the light of truth. We can still go on doing evil and thinking evil thoughts but we are fully aware of their presence in and influence over our lives. We may be able to fool others but we aren’t fooling ourselves and for sure we’re not fooling God.

2. Light drives away the darkness. Many cultures teach and many believe that good and evil exist in a kind of equilibrium throughout the universe. This is illustrated in the "yin-yang" symbol [ which shows this equal balance between darkness and light; evil and good. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Light is always more powerful than darkness. Bring a single candle into a dark room and the darkness is destroyed. You can’t push more darkness into the flame to dim its glow; you can only add more candles to further decimate the darkness.

3. Light illuminates the truth. With every deed of kindness we perform in the name of Jesus, it is not we who are illuminated but, rather, Jesus Himself who is glorified. Indeed we are created for the express purpose of glorifying God. (Isaiah 43:7) Like the moon, we reflect the light from the greater and more powerful Sun; or in this case, “The Son.” Jesus declares Himself to be “...the way, the truth, and the life.” And it is Him, The Living Truth, who is reflected as LORD of our lives.