January Devotion

Milk & Honey (part 2)

From our December devotion, we highlighted the promise given by God to the children of Israel of a “land flowing with milk and honey.” Such a land would surely be one of abundance and of peaceful existence. But looking at the history of Israel, it is difficult to see the fulfillment of that promise for a peaceful existence. There must be something more to this promise than what one sees at first glance. We need to look a little closer at this promise of “milk and honey."

Having a steady supply of milk requires some things: milk cows, grazing land, barns, work hands... indeed not things readily available to any but the wealthiest among us. What else do we know? Milk is a “kosher” product permitted for consumption according to the law of Moses. Cattle too are deemed clean and approved for consumption.

How about honey? Bees are unclean and not approved for consumption but the honey they process is indeed kosher. So to see a creature declared “unclean” given the ability by God to produce a “clean” product is interesting and should give us all hope. As fallen as we are as creatures, God can, by His Holy Spirit, use us to dispense His peace, love, and grace.

Back to the honey itself, what does it take to have honey flowing in our lives? Of course in the days of old, people would keep beehives but more often than not you would just stumble upon a pool of wild honey when it was least expected.

Think of a shepherd in the wild. His flock attacked by wolves who are finally driven away after a vicious battle. He goes down to a stream where he dresses his wounds and thinks to himself, “Where were you, LORD?” “Why did you abandon me?” We can even see the broken man start to raise his fist toward the heavens, but then something catches his eye..

Just across the water he sees an old dead tree out of which is pouring a golden stream of sweet honey. He tastes it and is reminded of the hand of protection over him and his flock. So when we are blessed with material wealth, a peaceful existence, and a carefree life, we are living in the land of “milk.” We need to recognize we are blessed, be thankful and then seek ways to share that blessing with others.

And when times are tough, struggling to make ends meet and having difficulty finding peace, God will send His gift of “honey.” We are reminded He is watching over us, knows our struggles and is merciful in reaching out to us just when it’s needed most. So whether you live in the "land of milk" or a "land of honey" remember God is still there. Be thankful and share what you have with others.