We regret to announce that Save the Persecuted is deactivated until further notice. Feel free to navigate the pages on this site but we are not receiving donations at this time. Please continue to pray for persecuted Christians around the world.

Thousands of people are persecuted around the globe every year for their religious beliefs. Persecution can take on different forms depending on the region of the world in which it takes place. Simply being denied employment, education, and housing are at one end of the spectrum.
At the other extreme is death at the hands of angry mobs, imprisonment, and even execution for breaking national laws restricting religious thought or practices.
Currently there are anti-blasphemy laws established in forty-two countries.
We want to end this persecution by:
  • Defending the accused.
  • Giving material support, such as food and shelter, to the accused and their families.
  • Providing assistance in obtaining United Nations refugee status and resettlement to those who have had to flee their countries.
  • Changing the laws and conditions to stop persecution and allow people to safely stay in their native countries.
You can help:
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