February Devotion


Whenever you look into the sky on a summer day and see those big, billowing, clouds, consider this. Throughout the Old Testament Scriptures we see clouds as a manifestation of the presence of God. We witnessed as “the glory of The LORD settled on Mount Sinai,” and from within that cloud God would speak to Moses. (Exodus 24:16)

As the Israelites traveled through the desert escaping Egyptian captivity, it was a pillar of cloud they would follow during the day. When the cloud stopped, they too would stop and set up the Tabernacle where the cloud would descend. Moses would enter the Tabernacle and meet with God in that place.

When the Tabernacle was replaced by a temple during the reign of Solomon, during its dedication that same cloud arrived to fill the building. The prophet Ezekiel recounts the sad day when The Glory of the LORD lifted from The Ark of the Covenant and departed the sacred room. (Ezekiel 10:18) This “Shekinah” Glory of God was absent from the earth for nearly 600 years.

Then, when John the Baptist identified “The Lamb of God” in the person of Jesus, this sign of God’s presence was once again revealed. The moment Jesus Christ rose from the waters of Baptism, The Spirit descended on Him like a dove and we hear God announcing His pleasure with Jesus, His Son. No longer would God live on top of a mountain or within the walls of a tent or temple; He would now live within the very hearts of man beginning with His own Son. So the next time you look up and see those beautiful clouds, whisper a little prayer thanking Him for choosing to live in you.