The first blasphemy laws were installed in Pakistan under British rule in 1860 and were revised in 1927 with fines and penalties of between one and ten years in prison. Between 1927 and 1986 few cases were reported. The constitution was amended between 1980 and 1986 adding sections 295 B and C to the constitution by the military government of General Zia-ulHaq in response to the radicalization of Muslim communities by Saudi financed conservative religious schools and by United States support for the Taliban to oppose the Russian occupation of neighboring Afghanistan. More often than not the blasphemy charges are false and are being used to punish individuals for personal reasons or vendettas.
Legal Aid for Destitute & Settlement (LADS) was established in Lahore Pakistan by lawyers defending the rights of and seeking freedom for Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and other minorities accused of violating religious based laws.